The WHS STAFF - They helped make us what we are.                        = DIED
THE HEADMASTERS   Roy 'Sandy' Hanson 50-74 Charles 'Tooms' Thomas 56-76
Mr J. S. H. Smitherman 50-59 Glyn "Taffy" Evans 50-82 Malcolm "Stretch" Poole 56-87 Ben Turner
George H. Bailey 60-74 Fred Mudd 51-61 (no news since 1962! Jim & Enid Hyde 58-81 Ernie Green
Patrick Richardson 74-79 Steve 'Pop' Corner 51-76 Derek 'Doc' Thornbery 58-81 Brian Middlebrook
Richard Woollett 79-89 Robert Vickers 'Rommel' Rowland 53-61 Robert "Jock" Cromarty 59-71
THE DEPUTY HEADMASTERS   Peter Josselyn 54-60 Patrick Hutton 62-65 et al
Leslie Johnston 51-63   Merlin Channon 55-62 Neil Clayton 65-82
    Stan Goetzee 55-76 Barry Salmon 62-89 -
    Michael 'Shakey' Shakeshaft 55-81 Simon Pearce 8187

THIS PAGE - Individual Anecdotes and Memories of our Teachers - I sometimes wonder what the
point of these little biographies is, but I hope they are a worthy homage to the Masters,
who though
mostly passed will always be in some way a part of what we are and have become.

WHS Staff Anecdotes & Memories