Peter Cox - WHS 1961 to 1978 - died 12 December 2022

Chris Snuggs Berners/Halls 58-65: "I knew Peter as my physics teacher from 1961 when Fred Mudd left. I was mediocre at maths, but nevertheless loved physics, which he and Fred always made super interesting.

He was a long-serving WHS 'colossus' in more ways than one, and one who helped make the school the very special place that it was.

His daughter Sue sent us some family tributes, and there is an anecdotal comment from Louis Parperis.

Rest In Peace, Peter: you were much admired, cherished and loved."

Peter & Janet's Children
And Grandchildren
Janet Cox passed away on 4th September 2023 and Colin Hawes and his wife Ann attended the funeral ceremony on Friday 20th October. The service programme is here.

Colin writes: "Ann and I attended Janet's funeral. There were no other staff members present, but it was very moving. Janet qualified as a primary-school teacher, and was also a talented horserider,artist, cook and maker of clothes.

Ann was her best friend and they rode together not just locally, but also went on a horse-riding holiday together, leaving Peter and I to look after the children."