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THIS PAGE - Individual Anecdotes and Memories of our Teachers - I sometimes wonder what the point of these little
biographies is, but I hope they are in some small way a homage to the Masters, who though mostly passed will always be
in some way a part of what we are and have become.
The 1987 Storm - Barry Clark        

Barry Clark writes about the Great Storm of 1987

Re Mike Sillett - Sailing Assistant, Boatman & Instructor (salt of the earth!). He walked across the fields from Chelmo (where he had once run a cafe frequented by the students) on the morning of the storm to deliver to me a primus as the power was cut off (for 5 days). Only 7 teaching staff were on site for the whole school: Dick Woollett (Headmaster), Stuart McDonald (Deputy-Head & Maths), and the housemasters' assistants who were on sleep-in-duty the night before - plus Kevin Piper. However, lots of the ancillary staff: Matrons, care staff, cooks etc made it!!!! Luckily the kitchens ran on calor gas but I was the only one to have a warm kettle in the evening thanks to Dave. There were others, but further scouring of the memory banks is required!