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Commander Wiseman 47-66 Rosa Weekes 62-82
Ken Bullard 47-77 Marian Dobie 65-?? (Pamela's sister)    
Irene Chaplin 1900-5th April 1990  
Mr Matthews 51-55    
Dickie Mayes ??-87    
Barry Clark - Hn 5865 & as teacher 8690: Re Dave Sillett - Sailing Assistant, Boatman & Instructor (salt of the earth!). He walked across the fields from Chelmo (where he had once run a cafe frequented by the students) on the morning of the storm to deliver to me a primus as the power was cut off (for 5 days). Only 7 teaching staff were on site for the whole school: Dick Woollett (Headmaster), Stuart McDonald (Deputy-Head & Maths), and the housemasters' assistants who were on sleep-in-duty the night before - plus Kevin Piper. However, lots of the ancillary staff: Matrons, care staff, cooks etc made it!!!! Luckily the kitchens ran on calor gas but I was the only one to have a warm kettle in the evening thanks to Dave. There were others, but further scouring of the memory banks is required!

Update - Feb. 2023: Dave was an amazing guy. An Airforce boatman who met up with Ray (Fats) Walker who was the best sailor in my year, perhaps any year. In races he regularly beat Enterprises in his Firefly (a bicycle beating a motorbike). Dave also ran the café in Chelmondiston. I became friends with him when I (re)joined WH because of the Ray Walker connection. After the "Great Storm" of '87 we had no electricity for 5 days. Day walked across the fields to bring me a small camping Gaz stove and a couple of spare cans of Gaz. I was the only place to get hot coffee during the evening when the kitchens had closed. Dave is greatly missed.

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