Alan Rawlinson
The cover of my ebook which includes a section on Woolverstone Hall when it was a nautical school. Pictures are on my blog-Any Budding Sailors? (click for Amazon link)
Mike O'Driscoll Alan Arthur Rawlinson where is the book available please? I have a friend who went to Ganges, on to RN then Merchant Navy who I think would be interested.
Alan Arthur Rawlinson Hi Mike. Search - Any Budding Sailors? - on Amazon and it will come up - Google lists the blog with 100 photos in total. Amazon Select customers get a free read. Cheers/Alan

Mike O'Driscoll Thanks, will pass it on.

Frederick Townson Alan, I went to Woolverstone in 1952, I was in Corners. I think I can remember you but not certain. Which house were you in?

Alan Arthur Rawlinson Hi Frederick. Close, but I was away in 1951 - the last of the uniformed L.N.S. students. I was in the quarterdeck. The younger lads in 12 dorm I remember were Day, Burton, Gilbert, Hepworth. I'm straining the memory now! Do you remember my of their names, I wonder?

Frederick Townson Alan Arthur Rawlinson I remember Day (fast runner) and Gilbert. My "heroes" later were Ian McCulloch and Brian Workman, they were about 2 years older than me.

David Lewis Brian Workman, what a fantastic guy. Had the honour and pleasure of playing in the Old Boys team with him when we had regular fixtures in the early 60's.

Alan Arthur Rawlinson Also remember some other lads - There was White, Woods, and Tribe.

Sharon King Alan Arthur Rawlinson My Father Reg Pearce, a Woolverstone Old Boy (Pi R 310) has just borrowed my kindle to read your book 'Any Budding Sailors' A trip down memory lane for him. Thank you.

Alan Arthur Rawlinson Hi Sharon Thanks. Hope Reg enjoys it. Every word true!

Jim Ferrier Do not think Alan was there in 52' Sure he left in 51. I left in summer of 52 - was in Johnstons.