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Chris Snuggs: "I was involved with it around 1962. I remember printing it, but little more - though it was certainly less poetic than 'Poetic Justice'! However, it was still going in 1967 at least!
I found THIS from the 1962 Winter "Janus"

"Bedpost" Mick Wenlock: "Bedpost!! I am pretty sure it was Douglas Templeton that came up with the name - damned if I can remember much about it now - wish I had kept some of the issues. Morrie Pierce was one special dude. I do remember writing "Merry Morrie in bovver boots clad" but hell if I can remember any more."
"Poetic Licence"
"Diana" Ken Radford: "'Diana' was Bill Cadmore's idea. I'm certain I had very little input, and remember being made to put an apology on the school notice board stating that 'the symposium was not on the decline' as stated and that we were sorry for any offence caused."
PLUS BONUS SPECIAL: "MAGNET", not WHS, but it probably inspired me to go to a boarding school!
"Poetic Licence"
ed 14

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(ed 13 - Spring '74)

Issue TWO, Number ONE


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(ed 9 - 1973?)
(December 1969)
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