WHS Old Boys & their Story
Kevin Cooper - Orwell 80-85

There are many more WHS boys who were legends AT SCHOOL. I can't possibly do them all justice, so if someone wants to add to the list, please do.

Among many candidates:

Brian Workman, Ian McCulloch, Adrian Thompson,
Phil 'Ugg' Davies, Dave Waight, Sean Kelleher,
Martin Offiah, Thomas Newsham, Glynne Thomas,
etc etc

Robert Peeling - Orwell 62-69
Ron Tudor - Hansons 62-69
Graham Barlow - Halls 61-63
Chris Webb - Hansons 58-61
Chris Snuggs - Berners/Halls 57-65
Robert L. Garvie - Johnstons 57-59
Andy Hunton - Johnstons 53-68

WHS Old Boys tell the story of their time at their astonishing school.

OBs - here are the questions! Send me the answers to include here,
or post them in the COMMENTS BLOG!

  • Your name, nickname, WHS dates and House(s):
  • What made the biggest impression on you when you first got to WHS?
  • Which boy did you most admire/look up to?
  • Who were your heroes, if any?
  • Who were your best friends at school?
  • Who were your most and least favourite teachers?
  • What do you think most teachers thought of you?
  • What were your favourite and least favourite subjects?
  • Were you ever slippered or caned?
  • How many lines do you estimate that you wrote?

  • What was your greatest achievement at school?
  • And your greatest failure, if any?
  • What was your happiest moment at WHS?
  • And your saddest?
  • Were you ever bullied?
  • Were you not as nice to others as you now wish you had been?
  • Did you ever do something you were ashamed of?
  • Apart from anything already mentioned, what is your biggest regret from your WHS days?
  • What was the craziest thing you ever did at school?
  • Any other comments, anecdotes, observations?

Your Story