Andy Hunton - Johnstons '53 to '58

We recently learned from Andy's granddaughter Mia the sad news that Andy has dementia. Arriving at WHS in September 1958, I did not know him myself, which is obviously my loss, since I have never read or heard anything but good about either his WHS career or his life thereafter.

In the academic year 1957 to 1958 he was both Head of School and Captain of the 1st XV. Neither post was awarded lightly - especially in that first decade which I like to refer to as "The Golden Generation", the hugely-talented boys who helped launch the school in its first years. Both posts command immense respect to this day.

And after WHS Andy made a massive contribution to the Old Boys' Association and in particular the Old Woolverstonians. WHS Old Boys therefore owe him a great debt and pass on our thanks and very best wishes.

  • Andy was born and raised in Maida Vale.
  • His father died when he was 6.
  • He went to The Hall Primary School in Swiss Cottage.
  • After that he went to Marylebone Grammar School until social services found out his mum was ill and he was fending for himself, so they sent him to Woolverstone Hall.
  • He had a stellar career there and was made Head boy and 1st XV Rugby Captain in his last year (57-58).
  • His mother died when he was 22.
  • He later got into the jewellery trade with a friend. “I went to Brazil by boat to find precious jewels (opals) and came back with a diamond (met Alberina Hunton).” he quotes!
  • He came back to the UK and worked at County Hall as a social worker for approx 35 years.
  • With my grandmother (who was head Chef!) he then opened “Sabador Brazil”, a restaurant in Archway in 1992 . This was a successful venture thanks to their hard work over many years.
  • They retained ownership when they retired and leased it out.

Andrew is now happily retired, and his favourite
activity is taking his dog Oscar on walks.

Information sent in by his granddaughter,
Mia Peltier in August 2021, for which many thanks.

Below are just a few of the comments from WHS Old Boys which the news of his condition has inspired.

Albuerina: "Thanks to joining this community on Facebook. I was able to reunite my grandfather (Andy Hunton) with his friend Michael John O'Leary; it has been 42 years since they had last seen each other!"

Mick O'Leary:
"Andy used to give me lifts to the Old Boys games in the 70's and then when I got married in 1979, we lived in his house for 3 months until Jan 1980 when we moved up to Warrington."

Above: Conrad Graham (Berners 1964-71)
visits Andy & Auberina on
Tuesday 7th September 2021.

Right: Louis Parperis popped in on
Thursday 9th September 2021
from Framlingham on his way to the
Turner exhibition at Tate Britain.