Peter Alexander 64-71: Corners starred as Phil Pearce in Emmerdale Farm in the 1980s
Peter Almond 60-64 : Corners "The Daily Telegraph" correspondent
Jim Atkinson ca 54-60 Hansons diplomat: British Ambassador to Congo and other places
Graham Barlow 61-63 : Halls cricketer
Richard Bryan 69-74 : Orwell counter-tenor in Cantabile - The London Quartet
Tim Cresswell 79-84 : Halls geographer
John Cuffley 51-55 : ? drummer with Emile Ford and the Checkmates 1958-1963 and the Climax Blues Band 1973-1983
Charles De'Ath 79-84 : Orwell actor
Cedric Delves 61-65 : Halls former Director of the SAS, and Colonel of Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry
Peter Donaldson ? Radio 4 newsreader:
Josh Dynevor 67-74 Hansons tv producer
Michael Draper 57-62 : Johnstons author specialising in military aviation
Udi Eichler 56-60 : Johnstons TV producer and actor:
Alan Fisk 51-65 : Corners novelist
Alan Gould 60-66 : Corners novelist and poet
George Hargreaves ? songwriter, Reverend & Christian politician
Phil Jupitus ? TV personality, comedian
Ian McCulloch 51-57 : Corners TV actor and writer
Ian McEwan 59-66 : Johnstons author & Booker Prize winner
Tony Mitton 62-69 ; Johnstons Cambridge graduate, teacher and author of children's books
Mark Moore 74-79 : Berners Sexpress Musician
Christopher Obi Ogugua   actor
Martin Offiah ?-84 : Berners England and Great Britain rugby league international
Ben Onwukwe ?-? : Berners actor
Neil Pearson 70-77 : Orwell actor (HERE: miscellaneous video clips)
Christopher Prendergast 54-59 : ? Cambridge Professor Emeritus in French and Fellow of the British Academy
Fay Presto ? magician
Ken Radford
66-73 : Berners
founder of "People and Gardens", a project which helps people with learning difficulties and mental health issues
Jean-Alain Roussel 62-69? : Berners musician with Cat Stevens and Sting
Bill Sanderson 59-66 : Berners illustrator, notably of Tolkien's The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun
Jonathan Sayeed 59-64 : Johnstons ex-Conservative MP
Felix Schroer 72-79 : Berners SEE OBITUARY
Guy Stevens ? music executive
Andrew Szepesy 52-59 Johnstons author & filmmaker
Mark Wing-Davey 59-67 : Orwell actor: Zaphod Beeblebrox, theatre director
Dylan Winter 67-74 : Halls Radio 4 presenter and journalist
Michael Volpe 74-79 : Halls General Manager of Opera Holland Park
Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot 76-81 : Johnstons lead singer of Curiosity Killed the Cat
Ben Watts 80-82 : Berners  
Brian Workman 50-57: Corners one of the most gifted pupils ever to pass through WHS