Capel Curig - Feb 1979/80

Jon Kemp - Corners 73-80: Halfway up Capel Curig in North Wales during our 'A Level' Geography trip where we came across the wreckage of an old aircraft. I think we were away for just about 3 or 4 nights. We climbed the mountain and then followed a river from source to sea and measured its width and flow-rates along its course. We had to cook for ourselves and the accommodation was triple bunk-beds: all very basic. It would have been 79/80 and the only staff member was Mr Hudson.

Mark Frost - Hansons 70-77: Capel Curig in North Wales was one of Hudders' favourites, belonging to a Ramblers or Mountaineers Club? Geography A level. I stayed in a similar one to your description in 1977 - triple bunks and cook for yourself. The local village was 'Dry' on Sundays!

Mark Frost: David Hudson (deputy HM) was a great guy: went the extra mile to show his students what the physical geography they were learning about looked like in real life. He was a Quaker, and I remember his wife inviting me and others as 11 year olds to some cookery classes in her kitchen. We made fudge and ice cream - as befits 11 year olds! He also ran the Symposium - a 6th form kind of informal debating club which met in his sitting-room over the Staff Room. Outside speakers were invited. Not sure why he wasn't promoted to HM after Patrick Richardson's sad demise. Perhaps he didn't apply! (PHOTOS Ian Woolan)