Dave Newman - Halls 82-87: "Def 86/87 Skailes, Morgan I think, Dugdale and KBY were the teachers. Gavin Wright, Bill Kutessa, Sean Quigley, Brian Robinson, Giles Mumford, Mike Adeyemi, Ray Johnson, Simon Shott I think, Olu Okunnu - all good lads there. Great trip."

Tunde Durowoju - Corners 82-87: "It was our end of year trip to Annecy in France in 1987.
From left to right: Wright, Tunde Durowoju, Giles Mumford, Sean Quigley, Dave Newman, not sure, not sure, not sure, not sure, forgotten (apologies), Alex Boye, Can’t see, Simon Shott, Mike Adeyemi."