John Dawlings: I have great memories of being taught music by your dad. HIS memories of teaching ME may not be so enthusiastic though :)

Jon Kemp: I was in the school orchestra (First Violins) and I can say your Dad's 'conducting mannerisms' were exactly the same back then as they appear to be now. As a first former he introduced me (us) to Handel's Messiah, Schubert's Trout, Bach's Sheep that were safely grazing and Peter and his duck-eating Wolf amongst others. The school musical performances were pretty dammed good, and that was mainly down to your Dad.

Harvey Angel: Tim... I played trumpet in the orchestra for a while alongside the excellent Ian Redway. I couldn't always reach the high notes, so, rather than play the wrong note I let Ian play them on his own. Now, I thought for many years that I'd always got away with it, but when I mentioned it to your dad a couple of years ago he said, "Of course I knew when you weren't playing but I let you think you'd fooled me!" Didn't miss a trick, the old bugger!!

Chris Snuggs: Barry was a hero to anyone who did music at the school. Wow, here was a guy who actually wrote music! We hadn't realized that ordinary people could do that, only Mozart and the like. But then perhaps Barry wasn't 'ordinary'! Creative, cheerful, encouraging, patient, he got it all together, he got things done. He performed, and he got us to perform. He played a massive part in the creation of the Woolverstone musical legend, and it was a privilege to have learned and played with him.