H. C. 'Doc' Lewis  -  Maths 55-58

Harry Wolfman aka Gerald Donaldson - Corners 57-62: "There is precious little in the acrchive about the egregiously-notorious Doctor Lewis, Doc Lew. I attempted to track him down after his time at WHS. Also curious (didn't really expect any luck) about why he left. All I found was the OB site of another school, to which he obviously progressed. There his nascent sadism obviously had its birth and rapidly developed into something pretty shocking. The boys at Nextschool spared nothing in their bitter descriptions of just what a monster he was. I reckon he excercised his dubious sense of humour on us in rather more acceptable ways. Bubbling under. So, he gave many of us nicknames for his own amusement. A boy in our class, Cobbing, was called "Bing", and Doc Lew always sang it, in an imitation of a lift arriving at its destination floor. He called me "Glub Duck", a name which stuck to me like shit to a blanket until I left. He frequently offered a prize for this or that, always a Waggon Wheel. "Waggon Wheelie Willy" was his regular nickname. Nothing very sadistic about any of that? He used to twist a short piece of chalk round to form a clear spot in the middle of a wiped board; and one boy would have to stand for the duration of the class and stare at the spot. The boy might get a wagon-wheel if he did it. But he certainly liked to single one of us out as "victim". Just practising, then?"

Glynne Thomas - Halls 57-62: "Mysterious, or plain evil?"

H. C. 'Doc' Lewis