Simon Pearce  :   81-87 English

Kevin Cooper - Orwell 80-85: "I met Simon at the July 16, 2023 reunion at IHS, and we had a long chat about the 80-85 period. Simon did so much to boost boys' morale. Along with his teaching - which he had a uniquely different approach to - he ran several clubs. He had a group of us making allotments growing vegetables - not all of which were ready when we left end-of term come to think of it - must have been part of his master plan for veggies! He also had a goat (which four of us used to milk), chickens, ducks and geese (all of which were eventually slaughtered). Having milked the goats you would go into his house, filter the milk in a couple pieces of kitchen towel and have a fresh bean coffee. His wife gave horseriding lessons, but you couldn’t just pay and ride: you had to join in with the mucking out and grooming etc. He had two boys who were always a laugh growing up. Simon also taught those of us that showed interest how to make home-brewed beer and elderflower champagne … "

Barry Clark - Teaching Staff 86-90: “Simon was (and still is) indeed a lovely man: a pleasure to work with.”

Chris Snuggs - Berners/Halls 58-65: "Simon now runs an incredible facebook group site devoted to the history of Woolverstone Village and surroundings: 'Woolverstone Notes & Queries'."

Chris Snuggs: "I was walking through Woolverstone in summer 2023 and stopped to ask a passer-by to ask a question about the housing. I mentioned Simon and he said: "Oh yes, he's the heart and soul of the village."

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