The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook

Personally, in retrospect I did not appreciate R.H.S. Holbrook as much then as I should have. It is a truly magnificent building and site - more modern than W.H., but possibly even more stunning in its size, setting and proportions - and with an impeccable pedigree and history.

We usually expected to beat them at most sports, but to my undying shame I was in the 1st XV which lost to them in 1964, one of 3 losses in 20 matches played. We beat both Wymondham and R.G.S. Colchester that year, but lost 16-12 to the R.H.S........

Given the naval connections between the two schools, I am surprised we did not have more contact than just sport, but it was as it was.
Unlike WHS, they survive and thrive, but they have the navy behind them and we just had ILEA!