John Cini: That's my year class of 76: left to right standing Budden - Willows - Harffey - Fludgate - Kelleher - Thomas - Hayter - Gardner - ? - Colin Hawes
Seated left to right: Lewis - Ruffle - Singleton - Davis - Parker - Mcgarian
Mike O'Driscoll: Well done! Year above me. I recognised about half the faces but could only get a few names. Given the ball, the uniform and the numbers I'm guessing it's the Colts team. I believe they were one of those years who went right through their career without losing a match. We let them down as the following cohort with early season losses to Colchester RGS and Wymondham - both of whom started their season a couple of weeks before us and were more match fit. Both defeats were avenged by the end of the season!