Barry Clark writes:

There certainly was a lot of fencing before '64. I started with Leslie Johnston in '59 and the club was already thriving. When LJ left in 62 (I think) the club would have died without a 'master in charge'. I was really keen and had been spotted by a local coach who gave me lessons in return for me baby sitting her children on a farm in Saxmundham. I did that on Saturday night and returned to school Sunday night - long story there.

Anyway ... I asked Dick Woollett if he would take responsibility if I ran it? He said yes and Bailey agreed. After two years John Ramsey applied late for the physics job and was shown round by Chaplain. He mentioned fencing and got the job. (that was HJR's version). I guess that is how Dick, HJR, Caroline (my coach) and I all became very close friends and still are (though HJR passed away 4 years ago). Oh, and I eventually became an International referee :-) AND the J Miszewski - 4th in the Juniors - was one of the boys I babysat!