Michael Draper is one of many ex Woolverstonian authors; something magical about this school inspired so many boys to go into writing, acting, music or academia.

Michael's niche is aviation, a field in which he is indeed a famous and respected author.

He won an award for "Sitting Ducks & Peeping Toms - Targets, Drones & UAVs in British Military Service Since 1917" (published 2011) and also received wide acclaim for "Shadows", for which Frederick Forsyth wrote the foreword and which was later used as the basis for the television documentary "Jesus Christ Airlines"!

A reviewer for "Sitting Ducks" wrote: "This book is an absolute must for anyone interested is this fascinating area of aeronautical history. Mike Draper gives a detailed account of the evolution of un-manned aircraft from hesitant beginnings up to the present day deployment in Afghanistan. Not only is there a fine narrative, but also detailed history of every airframe. Well worth the price."

His other works include:

He is now working on "Aircraft & Units of the Army Air Corps", to be published next year.