Miscellaneous Video

The existing clips were taken by my father Ernie Snuggs between 1960 & 1964. The quality is poor, but better (perhaps) than nothing.

Barring miracles, I don't expect any more to turn up, but you never know .....

summer of 1964
5.5 MB - 13s
the swimming-pool

probably on a Parents' Day

Disappointingly poor quality; not quite sure why ....... my Dad took it, but usually the quality was better. It could be the machine I used to convert 8mm to digital.

However, it IS video from 54 years ago!


The AVI files give a larger picture

6.3 MB - 13s
2.4 MB - 13s
5.5 MB - 13s
.avi (1)
7.8 MB - 13s
.avi (2)