Philip Flannery - Berners 72-79: The far two first floor windows were part of The Courtyard upper sixth accommodation. I was in one room, Brett Price in the room next to me. The other two rooms in our ’flat’ were Felix Schroer (who sadly passed away in March) and Paul Masson. We felt like real adults, because we had our own front door, TV, toaster, kettle and fridge!

Gerry Warren - Berners 65-72: You had the same room as me then. I was in there for the Autumn term 1971, which was, I think, the year it opened as the 6th form centre. I shared with Philip Beck.

Richard Hayter - Corners 65-71: We spent the Lower VIth in our houses. Autumn 1970 was the start of the Courtyard as sixth form accommodation, but the first year was Upper VIth only. I was due to go there but I left at the end of the summer term 1971 to start work.

David Waight - Corners 65-72: I spent my Upper VIth year there under the formidable DT Sept 71- July 72 - scary but interesting and never to be forgotten!!

Gerry Warren: You were just up the corridor from me, in the room next to Alan Heathfield and Geoff Nolan if I remember right.