IHS Deputy Operations

Officer Kev. Smith took

these photos on 30th May

2023 of the right-wing

courtyard and cellars of

Woolverstone Hall:

views never before seen

by the vast majority

of WHS Old Boys.


Thank you Kev.


Mark Howell: "This looks like the courtyard at the west wing of Berners. On the right was the Deputy-Head Mr Hudson's house, and on the left out of sight was Peter Sadler's house. Looking at the aerial view it seems there was another courtyard behind the white door in the middle. This wing in the 74-80 era was where there was a careers/university/polytechnic details room, an old printing-press room, Corners House lockers room? and Stretch Poole’s French room that had an anteroom used for Mrs Newman-Saunders to teach French as well - and where some Latin lessons took place.

Also out of sight to the left was another exit from the cellars that joined up to the rifle-range and eventually Berners TV room. These were accessed from the ‘back stairs’ that were by the Bursar’s office. It was in these cellars that the Berners House contribution to the Fete day on the last day of the school year was created: a Ghost walk using tinned spaghetti and make-up to scare everyone willing to pay."