Chelmo(ndiston) -   Chris Snuggs 58-65    -    HIT F11 on a PC

I hardly ever ventured outside the school other than on a school visit except to go to Ipswich a few times and then to stagger round the X-country course once a year, but others will be more familiar with Chelmondiston - or Chelmo as it was always called. This is a pretty village along the main road to Shotley, most famous to WHS boys perhaps for being the home to Pin Mill and the Butt & Oyster. I don't remember us ever having much to do with the local villages in terms of formal social events of any kind - which was perhaps a pity. From time to time some girls from Chelmo turned up at school for various reasons not well documented ...... possibly with good reason. WHS was stuck between two villages, of which Chelmo was by far the larger, though it was Woolverstone that had the honour of having a cricket team: Woolverstone Park. I always wondered why there was no Chelmo Cricket team - but perhaps someone else will know.


Pin Mill by drone 1      -     Google Earth Chelmo to Butt & Oyster

Pin Mill by drone 2      -     The Orwell Estuary

Pin Mill in 1964