WHS LEGEND Sean Kelleher - Hansons 69-76
  • Throughout his school career he was an outstanding forward powerhouse in every team he played in.
  • His teammates must have been jolly glad he was on their side and not opposing them!
  • He played in some of the most successful WHS teams ever.
  • In 73-74 he played in the 1st XV as a fourth-former.
  • In March 1974 he captained the 1st VII: runners-up in the Oxford 7s 'A' section.
  • He was to have had a trial for the England Under 16s but illness thwarted him.
  • He had a final trial for the England Under 19s in 1976.

Dave Waight - Corners 65-72: He was an absolute colossus as a junior during my last 3 years at school with a great skillset too, and he went on to become one of the great names of WHS rugby.

Wayne Sullivan - Hansons 72-79: Everyone in Hanson’s house was immensely proud of our very own Sean Kelleher and used to watch his rugby prowess in awe, especially the 1st XV matches!

Chris Hopkirk - Halls 72-79: I remember aspiring to be like him. Great player!