WHS Archives: info for new members (and a reminder for old ones!)

  • Welcome .... some introductory info about yourself would be nice!! Aaron Agnew-Griffith (Hansons 77 to 82) had a great idea which I have exploited HERE!

  • This site is dedicated in particular to memorabilia and nostalgia. We don't stray much from that though the odd bit of current personal news is welcome. We try not to get into controversial discussion about current topics, since that usually leads to me getting banned .....

  • Can you contribute anything for the archives site? (http://www.whs-archives.net/): photos, original documents, your own writing? ANYTHING (almost) may be interesting for someone ....

  • PARTICULARLY interesting for me are authentic photos and documents from those years, preferably with names and comments to add to the material online.

  • There is also a lot of existing material lacking associated notes, including school trips and productions. AND, there is very little from the last decade, since "Janus" was not published and I have very few newsletters. Can you fill any gaps? If you do have anything, please mail post it on FB or mail it to me here: chrissnuggs@outlook.com

  • I can also scan and process material myself (including slides & 8mm film!). Not being funny, but I can optimise it for the website and then post the originals back to you. Mail me for my postal address.

  • Particular things to note are:

    - LATEST: a list of new material as it is put online
    - COMPENDIUM: your anecdotes about WHS life - as I have had almost no contributions this is mostly for the moment my stuff, but that is not the
        intention! This area is not interactive, so you have to send me the text and any associated material.

    - MEMORIES & ROLLING OB NEWS : these pages ARE interactive - pls enter stuff directly.
    - DISCUSSION: miscellaneous comments ......
    - RUGBY QUIZ: which is based on the databasing of the ENTIRE RUGBY scores from ALL matches over THIRTY YEARS.
    - CLUBS: The collation of ALL Club and Society "Janus" records into single pages: a record of ALL  musical and dramatic productions up to the end
       of "Janus" including ALL available associated photos and programmes:
    - TRAVEL: a record of ALL school trips plus associated photos and records
    - Lots of places on the HOMEPAGE where you can put interactive comments ....

    I was at WHS from 1958 to 1964, and my fellow Admins are Daniel Dave O'Byrne and Harvey Angel, for whose support I am very grateful. They also have all the data relating to the online hosting of this site in the event that I am terminated by the virus, or something else ....