Johnstons House


Some of the early history of Johnstons House is movingly described here by Terry Carr,
but there's plenty more to be told by other Old Johnstonites!

As one who lived for four years just along the corridor from Johnston's, my impression during my time at Woolverstone was of a house of great sportsmen, Doug Gardner et al, and later Alan Suffling, Peter Rose etc.

The house was also distinguished for having some of the most revered housemasters for much of its life. Leslie Johnston was the original, then later came the the much-loved and innovative Bob Rowlands, followed by Jim Hyde, a formidable intellect and personality.

These masters left an unforgettable imprint on the boys they were responsible for.
Housemasters & Assistants Matrons
Leslie Johnston  
Bob Rowlands/Bob Cromarty  
Jim Hyde