Woolverstone Hall

Woolverstone 10 / 11 / 70

Dear Mum and Dad

I am pleased that you are able to come at ¾ term. I have now joined the Animal Club, so when you come down do you think you could bring me down a hamster and a cage, and a drinking bottle, and anything else that you think is necessary for keeping a hamster. Martyn is also going (to keep) a pet but he is going to get a Jerbil.

I have had my blue rugby shirt pinched, and also my ruger boot laces, so I was wondering if, when you come down you could buy me some new ones (if I have not got them back by then).

In history we are now doing about the Battle of Britain, which I am enjoying. Last Saturday when we were coming back from the foreshore in the woods we found a dead sqirill. We then took it to the Biology labs to be dicected. The Biology Master, Mr Hoarse was there and he said he would see what he could do and told us to come back on Monday. Well, we came back on the Monday because he said he might be able to give us the tail, but only to find that it was to infected with lice and fleas. So we did not get our tail. But he did say that he did not think it had been dead for more than ½ a day.

When we came back to the house Mr. Goetzee said that it was his sqirill ( the one which he sees every morning) that we had found. Mr Hoarse also said that it was a very large specimen which we had found. By the way I was the one to notice it. On the Sunday we went spear-fishing in the Orwell, on the barges. Our spears were bamboos with string attached to them, like the one below.

We then lent over the side of the barges and tried to spear mullet (and the occasional jelly-fish that passed).

Tomorrow we will have PE. Today we had Physics, we rigged up a circuit with bulbs, metel joiners, and morse tappers which I enjoyed doing very much.Looking very much forward to seeing you at ¾ term.

Much love