The Sunday Times Magazine"   -  10 July 1963

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This article was very kindly sent to us
by Amanda Swift, whose father was
the Editor of the STM from 1965 to
1972 and knew Jim Hyde very well.

She writes:

"I’m pretty sure my dad knew
Jim through the Vocational
Advisory Service they both
worked for in the Middle
East in 1946/47."

Amanda is an author
of children's books.

right: Mrs. Mrs. G.H. Bailey

G.H.B. was the much-loved
Head of Woolverstone Hall
School from 1960 to 1974.

In the photo of the car from left to right:

Peter Almond - Douglas Woodgate - Peter
Whittaker - Mark Bond - John (Jim) Allgrove

Jo Briggs writes: "As usual the newspaper got it wrong, no money involved. When teaching us to drive the tractor when I was about 14, Dr. Hassell-Smith was annoyed with me because I just put it in 4th gear and moved off. He had been telling us to start in first, stop, put it in second, move off, stop; and so on, I argued that it was pointless as - being a tractor - it was so low-geared that on a tarmac road anything other than 4th was unnecessary. I think, as a consequence, he thought I was getting above myself, so one day he came to me saying that the car club could have the Morris if I could get it back to the workshop. On asking what was wrong with it I was told that the clutch didn't work. No problem: I just started the car with in gear and drove it back to the CC, changing gear without the use of the clutch - easy to do on a non-syncromesh gearbox and something I had been doing since I was 12/13.

Chris Fuller and I installed a new clutch thrust-bearing and all was well."