The following information is intended for those parents to whom Ipswich is still fairly new and it is hoped that it will provide them with knowledge that will enable then to better find their way about and to make their visits in the town more enjoyable. Most of the information is selected from official publications issued by the Corporation, so we have no personal experience of the hotels and eating places mentioned, and it is also possible that prices are now higher than those shown on the list. Information of a more particular and personal nature may be obtained by seeking the advice of Woolverstone Hall parents of longer standing.

Ipswich - the largest town in Suffolk and one of the two largest in East Anglia - has been a place of great importance for several centuries. It has long been a port with important Continental trading services, an industrial centre of note, and the principal agricultural, marketing, shopping and business centre not only for Suffolk but also for a large part of Essex.

Ipswich is approximately 63 miles northeast of London and 10 miles inland from the sea at Felixstowe. The town lies at the head of the River Orwell estuary. Rainfall is low compared with other parts of the country. The average annual rainfall over the last five years has been 23.82 inches. Today the town, though thoroughly up-to-date, still retains many old buildings, and the visitor will find a great deal worth visiting in the numerous old churches, museums, well-preserved homes and public buildings.