The WHS Photographic Club
N°: 7
1959 Spring "Janus" edition still missing

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OWING TO THE large increase in newcomers to the Society, the majority of whom have had no past experience, three separate beginners' classes have been successfully inaugurated. This course affords first-rate tuition to the learners and safeguards the expensive dark-room equipment against clumsy handling.

Utilising the two very fine club cameras, many members have been taking advantage of the recent good weather to further their knowledge of photography and frequently to improve on past efforts. It is extremely encouraging to see many of the younger members mastering the more complicated apparatus and often producing more than mediocre results. It is quite surprising, however, that few members use the fine electronic-flash outfit. bought, at considerable cost, by the Society. Perhaps, when its many advantages in the long winter evenings are realised, more members will utilise this delightful piece of apparatus to their advantage.

Any profit which the Society shows is now being saved to purchase a better enlarging lens in the 35 mm. size. It seems an utter waste to have the results of a fine camera lens impaired by the use of an inferior enlarging lens.

The Society is still affiliated to the Ipswich and District Photographic Society, a very prominent section of the East Anglian Group, but many boys from the School will now find it impossible to attend, owing to the altered timetable. Those members able to go will find the weekly lectures extremely informative and interesting.

During the summer term the Society responded well on Open Day and Sports Day, although the weather was not very kind on the latter. The Society's contribution on Open Day was a competition-cum-exhibition of very high standard, held in the Reading Room.

The quality of the Society's work improves steadily every term, and we all sincerely hope that this term will prove to be no exception. Who knows? We may have a future "Baron" in our ranks.




W 1956


During the year few School functions have taken place without the club having made a permanent record of them, which have been then available to boys. At Christmas, cards and calendars were produced and many were sold to parents. In the following terms the Choral Society's presentation of the Christmas Oratorio, the School play and Sports Day were all covered by the club, many boys helping to print the subsequent orders. The money from these has gone towards obtaining further equipment.

But more important, the standard of work has considerably improved. Many boys are no longer satisfied with mere snapshots but are taking a deep interest in the real art of photography, creative as well as active. This was vividly illustrated on Speech Day when an exhibition of no small merit was shown. The standard achieved has induced us to consider entering some of the better work to National Photographic competitions in the near future.

At the end of this term there will be an open competition for club members; in view of the standard of many members, it is hoped that someone outside the School will judge it. Recently the club bought a precision single-lens reflex camera, to add to the fine miniature it already possesses. The camera will be used primarily for portraiture, which we intend to experiment with extensively. A whole range of accessories is obtainable for this camera. and the club has the purchase of some in mind.

As the physics laboratory is to be dismantled next year, the future existence of a darkroom and ultimately the Photographic Club is as yet uncertain. But we feel assured the School authorities will be kind to us and provide us with space in which to continue our hobby.



Sp 1955

The Club continues to attract a reasonable number of boys although only a few of these seem to have the inclination or patience to produce worthwhile results. It is reassuring, owever, to find evidence from Old Boys that the Club has encouraged them in a hobby in which they continue to find interest after leaving School.

A new darkroom has been made at the end of the Physics Laboratory and this is proving to be a much better working arrangement than we have had before. We hope to own shortly a new Voigtlander Vito B 35 mm camera and this should greatly enlarge the possibilities of the Club.

One of the drawbacks of photography as a hobby is the expense of the materials involved. I have managed to find sources of reliable out-dated films which are available to all at considerably reduced prices.



W 1954

During the Summer term the club led a full life. No spectacular results were achieved but a very large number of boys seemed to have an active interest in photography. The dark room is beginning to be used more sensibly and a few members are now showing the degree of responsibility necessary for its efficient running.

Early in the Autumn term quite a large number of the club visited Flatford Mill which offers much scope in the art of photography. The club is now producing Christmas calendars and cards and from the sale of these is hoping to make a substantial contribution to the School Amenities Fund.



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