The WHS Model Railway Club
N°: 7

Interesting how the clubs came and went. Frankly, there wasn't enough time
(OR BOYS!) even at WHS for ALL clubs to function simultaneously forever.
But each had its day and for this we are thankful, especially to the staff.

It seems to me that many boys in the 50s made models. I myself used to make
Kiel-Kraft planes very regularly, few of which were ever properly completed
(with doped wings and petrol engine and so on), and so model-making was natural for us.
But as tv came on stream and there were so many other things to do, model-making withered
and died .... I suspect many OBs have taken or will take it up in retirement! (Chris Snuggs)

This was the last entry, and so the Model Railway Club came to the
end of its natural life. What happened to the trainset, I have no idea!
Spring 64
Winter 62
Summer 62

Spring 58

THE CLUB started the year rather badly as the fate of our hut was undecided. However. having heard at the beginning of this term that it had been reprieved, we got down to some replanning after rejoicing at having a permanent home, however dilapidated and in need of repair. The first job to be done was to dismantle the newer of the two "00" gauge layouts. The base board has been reassembled for a "TT" gauge layout and it is hoped that track laying will be commenced next term.

Before Christmas a tramcar was built by Burch and Cumins, and also the first section of a layout for it. It is hoped to make a complete tram layout eventually with several models of various types of tramcars to operate on it. Several buildings have been added to the main "00" gauge railway and there is now little that can he done to enlarge this layout. This means that all our attention can be turned to "TT" gauge, thus getting something running fairly soon.

Spring 57

THE WINTER SEASON has seen a tremendous expansion in the Railway. Another room has been taken in, and the track work for a very large station completed. To run a train from terminus to terminus now means that it must be passed through five controllers and five operators, at times a difficult undertaking! The Hornby set-up has been dismantled, and much of it sold. With the proceeds we have purchased Triang locomotives and rolling stock, which have given first class service.

The Club has been well supported, and modelling has continued, though not quite on the same level as last year. Many thanks are due to Mr. Pillai for his willing help with our Club. The future is somewhat uncertain because within twelve months our hut must be demolished. I have no doubt, however, that we shall find a new home.

Spring 56

A very successful winter session has now finished. In the senior lay-out, the main line has been completed to the second high level terminal. Here the station buildings are taking shape with a main road over the station on a bridge complete with a Belisha Crossing and flashing lights. A large factory is being made to hide, the controller at this station.

The Third Formers have begun a portable Hornby lay-out. The first section is virtually complete with a country station, a small goods yard, a signal box, etc.

As the Club grows older certainly more skill is being shown by members and more care is being taken of equipment. Further expansions are planned for next winter and the only problem facing us is what will happen when the Nissen hut which houses the Model Railway Club is demolished. However, that is a problem for the future.

Spring 55
At the beginning of the Autumn term, the Club had the Hornby Doublo track running smoothly, but the senior room had been stripped. It was decided to build a new layout there using only scale track and rolling stock. A new baseboard was laid and a track layout drawn up, giving terminus-to-terminus running with one high level terminus. It was decided to use Wren track and laying was soon under way. As the track was laid it was ballasted and a very realistic effect was obtained.By Christmas one circuit was completed together with much of the trackwork for the low level terminus. During the Easter term the track was pushed ahead and this meant building the first embankment and a fly-over bridge. This latter was made by O'Loughlin and Dear, and many members co-operated with the brick pillars for the actual embankment. At the same time track circuiting was worked out, and a second controller was installed and two switchboards were made. Lloyd and Pettitt did much of this work.

While this was going on the second and third form members were making a specially designed terminal building - finished just before Easter. Rosen had made a goods shed and apart from the installation of a turntable the main terminus is finished.

Work will now proceed on the high level line and it may be possible to complete the main lines before Open Day. Thereafter there will be a great deal of scenery to construct, together with many more buildings.

Our rolling stock now consists of four engines, three coaches and nine wagons. Three of the engines were purchased and include a scale model of a Royal Scott class 4-6-0. The fourth engine, a small 0-4-0 saddle tank, was made by Cox, and a very realistic model it is. Cox also made the three scale coaches, a kitchen car, a 1st/3rd corridor coach complete with interior fittings, and a luggage van. It is a great pity that more boys do not tackle similar models. The club needs more rolling stock and it is a pity to buy them when so much pleasure can be obtained by their construction. The goods stock grows slowly. Betts has put in some good work here, particularly with the fitting of underframes and couplings to the wagon bodies made last year.

During the Winter period the Hornby layout has given remarkably trouble-free running. The locos have run many actual miles and countless scale miles. They have stood up to their job remarkably well.

The Club is looking forward to showing the results of its work on Open Day at the end of term.

Spring 54

The Club has had a very successful winter season and has a good many new members. Unfortunately, we found that at the beginning of the year the extremes of temperatures in the Nissen hut had buckled the scale track. We therefore took it all up and relaid the main lay-out with the Hornby track. From members' subscriptions this has been added to and we now have a double main line, a three-road goods yard, a carriage siding and an engine depot.

The station buildings are complete with an engine shed, goods station and two passenger platforms connected by an overhead bridge. Newman brought back to school a complete Cotswold Village which looks very good in one corner, and many interesting shops and other buildings, including a cinema have been made by various members. The scenery effects have been added to, considerably by Woods, whose artistic, talents have made one section of the line look extremely realistic, complete with fences, trees and a windmill perched on the top of a small hill.

The two locos have run many actual miles during the winter and have been virtually trouble-free. We now have more goods wagons than can reasonably be drawn by one engine and many of them are complete with scale loads.

Next winter we plan to re-use the scale track on a layout for the Seniors, taking great care to allow for the expansion of the rail as has to be done on real railways.

Spring 52


When we came to the model railway hut at the beginning of the school year we felt a complete lack of air; we saw nothing but cobwebs, dust and dirt. The seniors of the school soon started and work proceeded with the tables. This was soon finished and the track-laying began. In the senior room progress has been and is being made.

At the time of writing the great terminus station is more than half finished. The main track is laid and a lot of models have been finished, including a good Post Office by Paradine and a row of shops by R. L. Reed. In the junior room the track has been laid and they mostly amuse themselves making the train run round and round! Some good card models have, however, been made.

I would like to thank our Headmaster for having so much patience with us when we have broken things and I hope that the club will continue to make good progress.