The WHS Junior Debating Society
FIRST: 1958
LAST: 1963
N°: 3

Autumn 1963

Summer 1963


Sp 1958


THE SOCIETY held its inaugural meeting on Saturday, 8th February. Forty six boys were present and Sexton was elected as Chairman for the term with Gardner as Secretary and Dracass as Treasurer. There is a committee of six to represent each House.

The subject of the first debate, "A boy without a sister is to be pitied", was proposed by Mott and opposed by Russell. The motion was carried by 20 to 18 after a lively debate from the floor, with eight abstentions.

On Saturday, 8th March, the Society debated "That there is no future for the Royal Air Force". Chapman, seconded by Gordon, proposed the motion, and was opposed by Dracass and Carter. The motion was defeated by 22 votes to nine with five abstentions.

The last debate of the term was held on Saturday, 15!th March, when Jefferson and Grenyer proposed the motion, "That television is a menace to civilisation". Dickson and Hyrons opposed the motion. After a lively and humorous debate from the floor, the motion was defeated by 17 votes to three with seven abstentions.