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OUR FIRST film this term was held on Saturday, 15th February. The title was "A day to remember", and was about a party of men and women who went to France for a day and their activities while there. Romance was frequent, but on the whole the film, a comedy, was quite humorous, especially when one of the party tried to join the Foreign Legion. Unfortunately, during this film the sound track became slightly blurred and hearing became rather difficult.

The second film, "Who goes there?" also a comedy, was held on Saturday, 1st March. It was to have been held on 1st February but was postponed owing to a power failure on that night.

This film, set in the grounds of St. James' Palace, was about a young guardsman who is suddenly Visited by his girl friend from Ireland. Neighbours give the girl a lodging, and although at one time she falls in love and plans to elope with another young man, all turns out well in the end.

The third and last film of the term was held on Saturday, 22nd March. It was called "Kind Hearts and Coronets", and was a comedy-drama. It was about the life of a young duke who gets revenge by "exterminating" all those who abused his title. He ruthlessly murders all who stand in his way, but is at last brought to justice rather ironically. Although it seems very unlike a comedy it is surprisingly quite funny in some places.

Perhaps a remark worthy of all three shows is the fact that in all cases the preliminary films were very good. They were mostly documentary with some cartoons.

On Thursday, 20th March, Clifford Heap visited the School with his miniature puppets. They produced "Aladdin" in eighteen swift scenes before an audience of first, second and third formers. The scenery, lighting, sound and other effects were very well done indeed. Speaking was clear although the figures themselves were very small and difficult to see and not really suited for large audiences.