Debates held at WHS and recorded in "Janus" . Where no "Janus" edition is quoted left or where there is a GREY cell, this means I could find no information.
"Boarding-school education is beneficial and should be extended." Ben Onwukwe   LOST
"This House believes that the Monarchy is outdated."   Rolfe Kentish & Charles Cowap LOST
"Modern forms of entertainment are decadent." 'Wilde' Geller & 'Lesley' Franklin John Bryan & Robert Mitchell NARROWLY LOST
This House believes that Scrooge was right." John Cox & John Mitchell Robert Munson & Guy Taylor LOST 24-38 (9 abst.)
"Appearance is the man." Jonathan Dynevor & Peter Franklin Sean Collins & Christopher Elliot WON
"Religious faith hurts more than it heals." Michael Pierce & Rolfe Kentish John Morris & Adrian Pinnington WON
"This House believes that mad dogs and Englishmen should be put down." Michael Walling & John Robinson Simon Geller & Robert '9.95' Bryan LOST
"This House believes that politics should not interfere with sport." David Hudson & John Shannon John Martin & Richard Ayres NARROWLY LOST
"This House believes that TV and popular culture are leading towards decadence." Michael Richards & Nick Collins Michael Pierce & Terry O'Halloran TIED 10-10 (8 abst.)
"This House believes that the proper business of the student is to study."     LOST 8-15 (4 abst.)
"This House believes that words are more important than numbers."      
"This House believes that life is a serious business." Stephen Hodgson & Murray Prendergast Stephen L. Parperis & C. Ferris WON 8-7 (18 abst.)
"This House believes that it is high time that dramatic art moved away from the kitchen-sink and the angy-young-man image." Jock Cromarty & Chris Morris Anthony Mitton & Stephen Boyce LOST 12-19 (3 abst.)
"The spinelessness & decadence of Modern British Youth forecasts Britain's downfall as a major power."      
"Universal Suffrage is ridiculous." Paul Finch Anthony Pye NOT VOTED ON
"Television is a menace to society." Gabriel Barty & Terry Cleverly Graham Hoad & Hugh Hawkins LOST 10-23 (4 abst.)
"Death is a poor substitute for life." Mark Wing-Davey & Ian McEwan Gabriel Barty & Victor Boddy WON 26-10 )4 abst.)
"Advertising is immoral." Norman Inness & Hans Soltys Roy Clouter & Peter Daish  
"This House believes that the Catholic standpoint on birth-control is unrealistic." Victor Boddy & Eric Dury Hugh Hawkins & Graham Hoad WON 22-20 (2 abst.)
"The public schools do not justify their existence." Keith Young and Ian Daye Gabriel Barta & Mark Wing-Davey HEAVILY LOST
"A woman's place is in the home." John Hamilton & Victor Boddy 2 girls from "Bransom's" TIED
"This House deplores euthanasia." Jeremy Sullivan & Hugh Hawkins Patrick Sullivan & Robinson WON 14-10 (14 abst.)
"Every young person has the right to make his own mistakes." Derek Thornbery & Chris Webb Jock Cromarty & Terry Stancliffe WON
"Socialism is outdated" Geraint Howell & Alan Bartlett Paul Finch & Young WON
"Modern youth is more decadent than ever." David Laughton & Barry Clark Larry Howes & Eric Dury HEAVILY LOST
Winter 1963
"This House thinks that the Elelven-Plus examination should be abolished."     LOST
Summer 1963
"Modern Education is not revolutionary enough."      
"This House deplores superstition." Roger Goldring & Stephen Moon James Dickson & David Prendergast  
"Commercial advertising should be censored." Keith Rowe & Rhodri Howell Gerald A. Donaldson & Jim Frost WON
"This House would like to rebuild Offa's Dyke & Hadrian's Wall." Lawrence Young & Richard Mackenzie Graham Rowles & John (Tim) Crosby WON 8-6 (16 abst.)
"This House believes that punishment should fit the crime." Peter Hudson & Terry Brant Paul Gait & Gerald Donaldson LOST
"This House considers that immigration into Britain should be stopped." Denis Alexander & Jim Frost John Miles & John Mackie NARROWLY LOST
"This House considers that Britain should not join the Common Market." David T. S. Poolman & Brian Cooper Gerald A. Donaldson & Jim Frost LOST 18-22
"This House considers that Tory rule is best for Britain."     LOST 8-12 (4 abst.)
"Individual liberties should always be subject to the needs of the state."     LOST 4-9 (13 abst.)
"This House deplores Capital Punishment for murder." Nigel Fletcher   WON 25-13
"A boy without a sister is to be pitied." ? Mott Robin Russell WON 20-18 (8 abst.)
"There is no future for the Royal Air Force." Michael Chapman & Colin Gordon John Dracass & Tom Carter LOST 9-22 (5 abst)
"Television is a menace to civilisation." Roger Jefferson & Mark Grenyer James Dickson & David Hyrons LOST 3-17 (7 abst.)