The WHS Archeological Society
N°: 3


Sp 1960



Sp 1955

Last Summer, work was begun on the site of a Roman Villa near Hadleigh. Unfortunately the weather prevented us from digging on many week-ends; and we were only able partially to excavate one room of what seems to be a large site. This room was approximately ten feet square and heated by a hypocaust system. We found traces of the pillars of this and also the flue running through the north wall.

Fragments of pottery and a coin of Constantius I indicate that this part of the villa was occupied in the early part of the fourth century.

This year we have been able to make an earlier start and hope to find out more about the site.



Sp 1954

A small society has been formed of senior boys to study archaeological methods and to take part in local excavations.

During the winter several visits were made to the Ipswich Museum, where Mr West gave us some very good introductory talks. Canon R. J. U. Todd came to the school; he showed us and talked about some of his 'finds' in the district.

This term we shall help in the excavation of a Romano-British site near Hadleigh. The evidence at present available suggests a villa, which was occupied during the third and fourth centuries.