The School Badge -  Chris Snuggs & Mark Frost

Ron Gould -
Corners 50-55: “That was the very first Woolverstone Hall blazer badge, blue background with gold heads etc.”
Louis Parperis -
Orwell 63-70: “The distribution of the blue dots in the badge was far less concentrated than in the badge worn by Richard.”

Historical Footnotes (Mark Frost)

Further to my previous research on the Arms of the Wolverstone family, I thought I would follow some leads in some old documents which miraculously are online.

In 1561 there was a ‘Visitation’ to Suffolk by the Heralds from The College of Arms (still exists in City of London) to check on the pedigrees of certain families and their Coats of Arms.

 By 1561 the Wolverston family had no male heirs. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Wolverston and she married into the Latymer family of Freston (how convenient!). That meant that the Latymer family Coat of Arms incorporated the Wolverstone Arms and the result is as described in the Visitation. 

Further research has found that the Latymer School
in Edmonton has the school badge shown right.
This school was founded and endowed in 1624 by
William Latymer, a successful City lawyer
from the Latymer family of Freston!

Motto translation:  ‘He conquers who endures.’