Orwell Side   -   Chris Snuggs

This photo sent in by Zap after the IHS Heritage Day on 12th September 2021 got me thinking more about Orwell Side. I took it like everything else for granted, but when you think about it, what a HUGE asset it was for us: a large open space with fabulous views where you could go any time you were free. What did we use it for? These come to mind, but you may have others:

  • admiring the fabulous views in whichever direction one looked, though perhaps less so towards the Nissen huts!
  • wandering about aimlessly discussing something, probably girls
  • sunbathing
  • playing informal games, including football and the rugby "kicking-game"
  • playing cricket housematches
  • visiting the Tuck Shop and then going to eat the results on the grass somewhere
  • walking along the balustrade
  • hopping OVER the balustrade and wandering down into the valley or to the riverbank (or ice-house)
  • playing hide-and-seek at the lower end
  • hiding in the bushes to have a fag (not me, but I hear it went on!)
  • going to a Young Farmers' BBQ at the end of term and sneaking off into the bushes with a girl (perhaps - in your dreams)

In most schools areas where pupils are allowed (or have) to go out of lessons are supervised by teachers, but this was obviously impossible at WHS, and I don't recall EVER seeing a master patrolling Orwell Side. JUST IMAGINE WHS WITHOUT it! It would have been a LOT less fun in general, so THREE CHEERS for ORWELL SIDE!

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