In 1966, "The Entertainments Committee" conceived the RODEO, about which I have two questions:

  • Who was or were the driving and inspirational force(s) behind the idea? Unfortunately, we have no record of the MEMBERS of this legendary Entertainments Committee.
  • The RODEO was apparently a roaring success, at least from the "Janus" accounts. I was not there, but others who were can judge, so WHY did it apparently die in 1970, after which I can find no reference to it, nor indeed reports of Staff v Boys football matches.

Both questions keep me awake at night!

Like WHS itself, though, it was great while it lasted .......

Chris Snuggs - October 2020

PS When I arrived in 1958, soccer was not mentioned officially, it being rumoured to be hated by Taffy and even the word never to be mentioned in public. "Football" indeed, meant ONLY rugby ....... Our soccer experience was limited to unofficial kickabouts on Orwell Side on Sundays, a time and place where Taffy was never to be seen ..... So having an official Staff v Boys match in 1966 shows how far sporting emancipation had come!