"School for Spies"

Back in December 1972 the school put on a play called "School for Spies" to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the founding in 1951. It was written by Jim Hyde, with music by Barry Salmon and produced by Neil Clayton and John Cox. Unfortunately, a flu epidemic arrived a couple of weeks before it was due to be performed and many of the actors and musicians were confined to bed.

The difficult decision was made to go ahead with the production, but in the end many of the main performers were not available and Jim Hyde (I think?) had to narrate the plot with music.

My father was in the audience with his new tape recorder toy and had it running throughout the performance. I found that tape a while back, but have only now been able to put it in Mp3 format.

It runs for about 42 minutes. It is not a triumph of Woolverstone drama. My father sat too near the orchestra and of course he was not recording it professionally. Still, it may bring back a few memories. If anyone is a dab hand with audio enhancement please feel free to try and improve it. (Mark Frost - June 2021)

Programme, Cast & Notes