I remember this being a great occasion, a very ambitious production, music written by our own music teacher and a wonderful team performance.

But there were two particular stars: Barry Salmon and John Dorling. Barry we know about, but John if I remember rightly did not have a big profile in the school. He was not a sporting tyro or academic boffin, but THIS was his moment. In this production he was THE star and A star.

I sometimes think that the best most of us can hope for is to be a star in something or other at least once in our lives. John was for all I know a star in later life, too, but at school this was his moment. Omnipresent on stage, he and the rest of the cast and orchestra pulled it off magnificently.

It is a pity we only have a few photos, but the few we have are gold dust.

Chris Snuggs - September 2018