The 1965 Staff Production of "Dry Rot" (review by Patrick Hutton in "Janus")

John Dawlings: “I remember the staff putting on a farce. Allchin, the maths teacher had the lead role. It was very good indeed. I was at Woolverstone from 64-71 so it would have been during that period.”

Louis Parperis: “The production was ‘Dry Rot’, which had Dick Waters as the French jockey who was kidnapped by three dodgy bookies played by Messrs. Watts, Allchin and Middlebrook in roles made famous by Ronald Shiner, Sid James and Brian Rix, respectively.”

Iain Turner: “I seem to recall a prop mishap, when the set of antlers fell on someone's head. We thought it was all part of the event, but it was quite painful I believe for the person concerned - (Brian Middlebrook?).”

Louis Parperis: “You're right, Iain, but I am pretty sure that it is actually in the script. What was unscripted was that it came down slightly early and genuinely knocked him out cold!”