Glen's Updates on the WH flora
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Glen - mid-August 2023
The first of the Autumn fruits are ripening now.
Figs, blackberries and apples now ready for picking.


Glen - mid-August 2023
The gravelled area behind the Design Technology block has a Mediterranean
feel to it. The potted palms and agapanthus enjoy the sun-trap.


Glen - 13 July 2023
It's a week for spiky plants. There's ornamental thistles, acanthus
and artichokes in flower at the moment. They all attract the bees.

Glen - 7 July 2023: Perfect pinks. Looking good this week are clematis, roses, penstemons and begonias.


Glen - 7 July 2023: There are some magnificent sweet chestnut trees on site. They are one of the last trees to flower and one of the first to bear fruit. The chestnuts will have ripened by mid September.

Glen - 30 June 2023: The Summer bedding has been planted for about a month
now and has filled out well: Artichokes and Lavender enjoying the summer sun.

Glen - 14 June 2023: Grey leafed plants love the warm weather.
Here are Catmint, Artichokes and Lavender enjoying the summer sun.

Glen - 10 June 2023: The pond was looking especially good this week.
The Flag Irises adding a splash of yellow. It's a good place to spot Muntjac deer, too.

Glen - 7 June 2023: The wild area that was left for #nomowmay has now been strimmed.
There will be a whole new variety of Summer species that will grow there now. I don't know
what that fenced off area by Holbrook Lodge was originally used for, maybe a sheep pound?