The Dairy House

This is a stunning house full of history and beautifully restored as an IHS boarding house. Either I am the least observant human ever born or it was obscured by trees when I was at WHS from 58 to 65, as I had no idea of its existence. I blame the trees!

The Dairy House, originally built as two separate cottages were constructed on a former piece of glebe land with a parsonage in 1870 for John Berners, owner of the Woolverstone Estate. The cottages were built to house a dairyman and a cowman for the new “modal dairy”. To the north of the two cottages was the dairy (creamery), with white marble topped tables supported by ornate white stone legs.

To the rear of the property and above the entrance to the two original cottages is a date stone with the initials J.B. and 1870. A large bell hangs on the right side of the opening dated 1839, there is no known record to explain the significance of the bell.

In November 2018, Ipswich High School purchased The Dairy with a plan to board 19 students the following September.