Stanislaus Goetzee - 1955 to 1976 (Maths & Housemaster of Hansons House)

Chris Snuggs - Berners/Halls 58-65: “Stan Goetzee? I don't think I ever engaged in a conversation with him during my 6 years at WHS; our paths simply never crossed. Nor do I remember him ever speaking in an assembly - nor being involved in any sports or artistic ventures - or indeed clubs. Sea Cadets, perhaps?. But I do remember him as a cheerful chap, usually with an impish grin. No doubt boys in his house remember him wielding a slipper with the best of them when the need arose.”

Steve Johnston: “Goetzee was a Roman Catholic, hence no assembly. He led the small RC group in the library. Oddly enough - and this is most strange - Stan, a seagoing Liverpudlian, had a brother in the Royal Navy whose service number was 1525837. I've no idea why I remember this number. It came up in a chat about Mathematics, which was his subject, and it stuck in my mind. Nowadays I can hardly even remember my phone number. Stan helped me with a mathematical formula I devised to predict what subject would come up in the O level exams. I based in on probability theory. After analysing the past 10 years history exam papers, I came up with a Matrix of 8 subjects of which 4 came up ever year, though never the same ones. This made for a high probability that 4 would come up next year. I used it for 'O' levels, 'A' levels and my University MA exams. It worked every time. Now why the hell isn't that common knowledge? Happy New Year.”

Chris Snuggs: "I didn't know you had an M.A. Well done ..... As for Stan being a Catholic, I had no idea. I vaguely remember knowing that some boys did not go to assembly on religious grounds, but I didn't know he was a refusenik. Surely Catholics are also Christians? Or were they still fighting the Reformation?"

Mark Frost - Hansons 70-77: “Chris Snuggs, what a pity you missed out on a Stan Goetzee Hansons wake up call! At 7.15am out he would come from his flat whistling. 'Wakey wakey rise and shine! Show a leg show a leg!' Obviously a naval throwback to his seafaring days. Then quite a few windows were thrown open (even in midwinter) and the curtains drawn. If you were still in bed 20 minutes later a full-on bellow would come your way.

Sometimes at Lights Out he would pace up and down the junior dorms setting quiz questions - his favourite being having to name the capital of Madagascar. Up until the age of 12-13 we were quite keen to participate - after that teenage surliness had the upper hand and it wasn't cool to take part.”

Stephen Purvis - Berners 79-84: "He used to take some of us all over the UK doing orienteering. He taught me to read a map; been a very useful skill to have."

Steve Johnston: “Another Stan Goetzee tale. When I was 14, I woke up in the middle of the night with a clear revelation in my head that there was no point in doing anything at all. It was most alarming. I got up, put on my dressing-gown, toddled off and knocked on Stan's door. He appeared, looking bleary and alarmed. 'What is it, Stephen?' he asked. 'There is no point in doing anything,' I replied. He looked at me, scratched his chin and said, 'I think you need a stiff drink. Come on in.' Generally a very decent chap.”

Louis Parperis - Orwell 63-70: "The family came from The Netherlands and he, his brother and sister were second or third generation. He had an uncle called Stanley who was killed at the Battle of the Somme, hence my knowledge of his name as I had written ‘Stanley Goetzee Is Fat’ on the front of John Morri’s Maths workbook and Stan announced that: ‘Stanley Goetzee is not fat; he died etc’ and went on to advise the class of his full name. I missed all this as I was in the B set for Maths being taught by the late Roger Barker, but was given a full account by young Master Morri when I rejoined him en route to the next lesson."

John Tuddenham - Hansons 53-57: "Loved his Maths lessons; he finally got me understanding Calculus in late 1957. Then, sadly, I left....."

Mark Frost: “He finished as HM of Hansons in 1976, then went to live in the cottage next to Woolvo Primary School (which ILEA bought) and as far as I recall he was still teaching after the move, but for how long I don't know.

HERE IS Stan's cottage (red door) next to Woolvo Primary School on Main Road. The school seems to now be used as a residence - when ILEA first got their hands on it it was an extra classroom and exam hall."

Stephen Purvis: “ Yeah he was up at the place next to the primary school when I was at Woolvo. He used to do beans on toast for some of the lads of an evening as I remember - really top, caring man.

Rather sadly, this is our only other photo of Stan Goetzee. If anyone has any more or knows where to find any, pls let me know!


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