Richard Woollett - Chris Snuggs

WHS was fortunate to have had four quite exceptional Headmasters, and Dick Woollett was the last. I knew him as Asst. Housemaster of Halls during his first stay at the school. He was very kind, and often invited groups of boys to watch "The World at War", the great BBC series on WWI, in his flat on the first floor between Halls and Johnstons.

He also did his best to help me when I applied for a place at Merton College, Oxford (he was a Fellow of All Souls), giving me both interview and other practical advice. Once we met up in London and watched "Far From The Madding Crowd" when it came out. I had studied Thomas Hardy's "The Mayor of Casterbridge" for 'O' Level, and that film was stunning. Dick was always a class act, and I greatly admired him for taking on the formidable challenge of WHS during its last decade, much of which he spent ferociously trying to keep the school going - which was in fact an unachievable mission. He told me some years ago when we met on the occasion of one of our barge cruises that Taffy had greatly encouraged him to go for the Headship - which was nice. They had of course worked together in Halls in the early 60s.

He now lives in retirement in Ipswich, and in 2018 I was invited to his 80th birthday party in Ipswich, organised by Barry Clark. A good number of OBs were there and their love for their old Head was obvious. Here are a few photos. (Chris Snuggs - March 2022)