Mealwork teacher - 1951 to 1974     /    Housemaster of Hansons House - 1951 to 1962

Fred Moughton - Hansons 5057: ... remembers Roy as a "strict but fair" man, who showed tremendous patience, especially in his woodwork classes. Fred admits to being "absolutely hopeless with wood" but Roy was always encouraging despite the rate at which Fred ruined pieces of wood. He also remembers evenings spent in the Hanson home, located in the west wing of the main building. In particular he ran handbell ringing sessions teaching groups of boys how to play. Fred cannot vouch for the quality of play achieved but the lads did enjoy the suppers that followed!

John Tuddenham (McGown) - Hansons 5257: "I made a footstool under Sandy's guidance, with a raffia top, which lasted for many years, surprisingly. I remember a boy getting stung by a hornet in the woodwork room ....Sandy immediately told him:"Don't touch it!!!" He proceeded to use a chisel to carefully prise the stinger from the lad's wrist, without any venom entering ...all was well. As a Hanson member, I also remember the bell-ringing at his place ... all very harmless and friendly. He was a good man. He and Stan Goetzee were a good team in my day. Never remember any metalwork during 52-57."

Peter Silvey - Hansons 6673: ... remembers having a respectful affection for Roy Hanson, even though he was no longer housemaster by the time he arrived. He was well known for a high standard of workmanship in the metalwork shop and for a wry sense of humour. He ran the Go-Kart Club, to qualify for which Peter and Paul Baker (Hansons 66/73) undertook to build their own kart under Roy's guidance. Presumably the intrepid pair never gained membership because they failed to finish it, despite the countless times they attempted to cast a wheel in aluminium, constantly melting the metal, making the moulds, pouring and taking the moulds apart only to find yet another partly formed wheel. Roy's usual instruction was "start again".

However on the odd occasion that they did something well, Roy was "never slow to tell you and thereby boost your confidence and self esteem".

Sean Collins - Berners 6774: ... has a 14" engineering vice in his garage, painted in psychedelic colours to match his axle stands and trolley jack. Sean is of the opinion that Roy would not have been too impressed, but whenever he uses it he hears a voice that barks: "Don't set that metal too high in the vice, Laddy". Sean says that whilst the equipment may upset people's engineering sensibilities, the methods with which it is used prove that Roy's admonitions and demands for "good safe practice" have remained with him.

Chris Snuggs - Berners/Halls 5865: I wasn't in Hansons House, never did metalwork (why not?), I was never in any of the clubs he was involved in and he never took any sports teams or played in the orchestra, so I don't think I ever spoke to him during 6 years at WHS - which was probably my loss. I certainly never remember any unpleasant incident or bad mood originating from him or negative comments made by anyone about him; he just did his job with professionalism, honesty, dedication and efficiency as far as I could see. He was a long-standing and key member of staff who was I believe held in great esteem and affection by one and all.