Chris Snuggs: “I hardly knew him personally, but he was a role-model as someone who did his job conscientiously, reliably, correctly and well. He and others inspired me to try to do the same when I left school!”

Adrian Bullard: “Chris Snuggs thank you for your kind words. He was indeed a great role model. I do the same in my work.”

Kevin Cooper: “He was a true gent. He was always suited and booted in his uniform with the ILEA badge proudly on his lapel. If he took you into Ipswich for a optician's appointment he would stop on the way back so you could grab a burger or fish and chips and a drink - plus a packet of cigs which you would sell or trade!”

Ron Gould: “Mr Bullard often drove me into Ipswich to go to hospital appointments. He had the most wonderful Suffolk accent. A very nice and conscientious man.”