Jeremy Budden
Gavin Willows
Richard Harffey
Colin Fludgate
Sean Kelleher
Raymond Thomas
James Hayter
Tim Gardner
Garry Miller
Colin Hawes
Carl Lewis
Michael Ruffle
Stephen Singleton
Ken Davis (capt)
Andrew Parker
? McGowan
Rohan Seecomah
Reg. Grimley
Donald Brown
Mike O'Driscoll: Well done! Year above me. I recognised about half the faces but could only get a few names. Given the ball, the uniform and the numbers I'm guessing it's the Colts team. I believe they were one of those years who went right through their career without losing a match. We let them down as the following cohort with early season losses to Colchester RGS and Wymondham - both of whom started their season a couple of weeks before us and were more match fit. Both defeats were avenged by the end of the season!