Peter/Paul? Templeton
Peter Lover
Tony Mitton
Oswald Hotz de Baar
David Harris
Franklin Grigor
Karl Danek
Glyn Evans
Alex Barron
Eric Mattey
Nusrat Nazeer
Peter Jones (C)
Dennis Lingard
Malcolm Godfrey
Phil Davies
Geoff Hindle
the 1st XV before Saturday's game v Culford School - James Cottrell missed the game through injury

Louis Parperis - Orwell 63-70: "The photo is interesting for the two missing team members: Jim Cottrell, who played at centre and Jim Wild, a wonderful N°8 and along with Chas Knight and John Morri, the most destructive tacklers I saw in my seven years at WH. As all three were in Orwell, I was saved from having to face them! Malcolm Godfrey must have been an intimidating prospect for opposition scrum-halves as he was about 6’2”/1.88m and in the following season moved into the back row, allowing Ron Tudor to maintain his half-back partnership with Jim Cottrell."

David Waight Corners 65-72: "Brings back memories of watching those Gods of the game in my junior years; everyone aspired to emulating them, and it seemed like the whole school turned out to watch home games."