Recollections by Graham Davis (Orwell 68-75): "Sports Report" was a roughly weekly news publication that covered school matches during the 1973/4 year. It was started by John Maxton and his brother Kenny and others during their 6/1 year. There were many reporters and typists. It was produced using the school Gestetner duplicating machine and sold widely to boys and masters alike for 2p. I had the unenviable job of drawing the covers. Trying to draw an image using a blunt metal tip on the delicate wax-covered Gestetner master copy paper was a challenge. Proceeds were used to buy goal nets for the football field on Orwell Side, which the school would not buy. The publication folded after just one year as no one from the form below wanted to take on the work."


Chris Snuggs: A brilliant idea, and a
testament to the amazing initiative,
ingenuity and endeavour of WHS boys - especially given the practical difficulties
in the pre computer & digital printer age.
Pity it wasn't continued by their successors.