Louis Parperis' selection for Eastern Counties 19 Group - 1969

"The Suffolk blazers used to pick a team and would leave a few places blank and would then contact Taffy, tell him the positions and he would give them the names. In 69/70 the two positions allotted meant Viv Beresford and me were picked as A and B (I was A, Viv was B ) and we both went forward to play for Eastern Counties. I damaged my neck quite badly in a school game and had to wear a neck support for a few months and the bloke who replaced me, who was the Essex player who didn’t get into the Eastern Counties team because of me, went on to get capped. If the Suffolk teams of my era had been picked purely on ability, there would hardly have been anyone from Suffolk and 13, 14 or 15 from Woolverstone."
Louis Parperis - Orwell 63-70

"The story goes that during the 50s, Woolverstone players were not picked for the representative teams initially because the boys of the school were, in the main, from London and not Suffolk. Then "face-fitting" seemed to become the criteria, which is why, for all the overall success of the Woolverstone teams throughout the age-groups, the school would appear to be have been underrepresented through that decade."
Thomas Newsham - Johnstons 54 to 59